Amsterdam Premium Blend

Price: €13,50

The Story

After showing our love for Amsterdam by opening our "experience store" here, the next logical step was to create the unique whole leaf blend that this energetic lovely city demands.

The contemporary Amsterdam Life is so full of hectic workloads, sport, partying, living and loving, that we need to take an indepth look at what we are putting into our bodies, to balance out the demands which today´s fanatic lifestyles put upon our bodies and minds. Finding 'balance' is of crucial importance to be able to continue this intense lifestyle here. Therefore we combine the unique curative healing powers of premium Green Tea leaves with orange, which gives a surprising fresh taste to your daily cup of tea.
Enjoy and let's twist some healthy Orange Green Tea ;-)

Tip: a green tea blend which can be also delicious as a cold drink with a slice of orange in it.

Ingredients: green tea from China, orange blossoms, orange slices, natural orange flavor

Category Green Tea

1-3 min / 80°C / + theine / iced-tea +

Online health information:

- Controls cholesterol level
- Supports slimming
- Good for concentration
- Energizer
- Used to stay alert
- Improves stamina
- Helps strengthen natural defenses
- Supports metabolism
- Used to protect against free radicals
- No calories
- Supports the blood flow
- Supports the immune system